CSR Profile

Source: 2019-10-28

Swakop Uranium strives to be a responsible corporate citizen. Our corporate social responsibilities incorporate several fronts, including paying tax, supporting local procurement, and the Swakop Uranium Foundation.

Tax Paid

Over the past 6 years, SU has paid over NAD 1 billion in tax up to date.

Local procurement

65% of total procurement were awarded to Namibian companies, amounting to NAD 2.6 billion, greatly pushing forward the development of Namibian economy.

Swakop Uranium Foundation

The SU Foundation has made over NAD 10 million in donations since its inception.

The aim of the SUF is to: 

  • Contribute to corporate social responsibility projects countrywide on a sustainable basis.
  • Uplift the living standards of the poor and previously disadvantaged communities in the country
  • Promote education upgrades and programs.
  • Promote SME development.
  • Promote sound environmental projects.
  • Promote the health and well-being of the Husab employees and families in liaison with the communities.

Key areas of involvement that have been identified by SUF include 5 pillars:


Examples of contributions:

1.      Emergency Disaster Relief

2.      The Office of the First Lady Receives the Container Classroom from Swakop Uranium

3.      SU supports talented employees to represent Namibia in international competitions

4.      SU helps disabled runners to achieve beyond their physical limitation (below picture of a frequent Husab Marathon athlete, Tate Israel)

5.      Through its strategic focus of Education & Childhood Development, SU Foundation has over the years endeavored to support programs aimed at bringing proper education to Namibian children, by channeling funds to building and maintaining school infrastructure, supply of books and computers, school feeding programs, etc. SU Foundation has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Regional Directorate of Education and has over the years donated more than N$500,000 to ensure learners successfully complete formal education.

6.      Ellie Nowases, an Arandis agricultural entrepreneur, receives training on integrated hydroponic technology sponsored by SU Foundation.

7.      SU Foundation donates beds, mattresses and blankets countrywide to help uplift the living conditions of the needy.

8.      SU Foundation sponsors the annual Husab Marathon as an initiative to promote health and wellness among Namibians.