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Swakop Uranium operates a world class uranium mining and exploration company referred to as the Husab Uranium Mine Project. This is a Greenfields project, located in the northern most corner Namib Naukluft National Park, between two major river confluences (Khan & Swakop), north of the endemic Welwitschia mirabilis fields, in a very sensitive environment and a local tourist attraction hotspot in the Namib Desert. A sound and effective environmental management system is of the utmost importance and in implementation to ensure no negative impacts as a result of mining, operational and exploration activities occur of the bio-physical or social-economic environment. Therefore world class environmental monitoring systems, equipment, biodiversity and mine closure research is ongoing from the pinnacle of pre-feasibility study to strive to international standards. Swakop Uranium applies ISO14001:9001:OSHAS18001 & NOSA standards as part of its integrated management system approach. Our stakeholders cooperation and involvement (internal & external) are important to us to ensure sustainable cohesion throughout all phases of exploration and operations. The mitigation compliance standards of our Environmental Management Plan are internally very strong and regular liaison with the uranium industry, via the umbrella of the Namibian Uranium Association in the Erongo Region, is conducted to ensure we comply to best practice. Swakop Uranium has additionally been actively involved with input into the development or updating of Namibian legislation and we are an active member of the Namibian Chamber of Mines Environmental Sub-Committee that was established in 2017 to assist with the development of the Environmental Best Practice Guide for Mining in Namibia and input into the strategic three year environmental plan for the COM.