Reusable water bottle campaign

Source: 2019-10-28

Reusable water bottle campaign 2018


The “Reusable Water Bottle Campaign”, which started off of at the beginning of the week is proving to be a wining campaign so far. The event is aiming at educating and informing SU employees about the importance of recycling, while also giving them tips on how to stay hydrated at all times. Employees from different departments are flocking to the bus stop area to participate in this important event. The idea of the campaign is to try and get rid of single-use plastic bottles which are on the increase and negatively impacting the surrounding environment. If every employee starts to seriously reuse or recycle their plastic bottles, waste and littering would not be such a big concern for us. The campaign will still be on tomorrow the 19th October 2018. Those employees who do not have the bottles yet are encouraged to make their way to the bus stop area and participate in this noteworthy event. Remember, this campaign encourages alternatives to disposable plastic bottles and promote healthy water drinking habits.