The Smiling Diesel Mechanic – Hertha Namadhila Ruben

Source: 2019-10-28

The Smiling Diesel Mechanic – Hertha Namadhila Ruben


Hertha Namadhila Ruben is 28 years of age and is employed as a Diesel Mechanic in the Ancillary Workshop in the Mining Maintenance department on the Husab Mine.  Growing up she spent most of her time around her dad and mimicked everything he did and that is pretty much how she ended up choosing a male dominated career.

She describes herself as being a down to earth person and a 'go-getter'.   She was born and bred in Walvis Bay where she lived with her parents.  Hertha recalls growing up her home was always full of people, so much that one could be forgiven for thinking there was a birthday party or some sort of party going on.  She shares with us that, family and taking care of people in need means a lot in her family and these strong values are passed down from one generation to the next.

Hertha attended primary and secondary school in Walvis Bay and later moved to Arandis to pursue a qualification as a Diesel Mechanic at NIMT.  She joined the Company on the 16th of July 2018 and says with a smile that working in Swakop Uranium is a most interesting and exciting experience.

Her best part of working on the Husab Mine is the exposure to gigantic equipment that is only found on the Husab Mine.  “It is just never boring here. Every day presents a new challenge and that is the thrill.  I love working at Husab because I learn every day and I have to keep up with technological advancements.” “Being a Diesel Mechanic is empowering and working with oil and grease brings out the child in me.”  In a nutshell, a Diesel Mechanic is responsible for regular maintenance of equipment and this includes servicing and the fixing of any machinery breakdown that may arise. The job also covers day-to-day maintenance activities which are essential to keeping the equipment running smoothly and in good conditions for operations.

Working in a male dominated profession is certainly challenging for a woman. But I consider myself to be lucky. Because the men I work with are simply the best. They always make sure that I am comfortable and they treat like one of them. I wouldn’t consider replacing them and I am proud to call them my colleagues. I believe in the philosophy of survival of the fittest, and I choose to survive.

As a woman I encourage all the women here and out there to go out and fight for what they want. Make your dreams come true and remember that it’s all hard work. For me every obstacle I go through gives me the energy to persevere.