Source: 2019-10-28


SU family boasts a big group of talents, one of whom is Levi Nangolo, a certified professional firefighter.

I have always been fascinated by the fire and emergency industry. I started as SU on 01 July 2015, as a Security Investigator, and five months later down the line, I took up the role as acting Emergency Coordinator. I held the position for almost a year. At that time, it was a crucial stage for the company, since we were busy commissioning the plant and the fire systems in the plant.  Before the commissioning started, work instructions on fire systems had to be compiled and training had to be put in place. I played a crucial part in giving in-service training to Proto Teams and bringing in external stakeholders to train staff of different parts of the plant. My role as an Emergency Coordinator has driven me to seek the necessary qualifications related to the field of fire and emergency because I was only operating on my experience from my past employment. I set myself a goal to be trained in fire and emergency in 2019, which I initially planned to finance myself.

However, I was advised to seek study assistance from OD & Training of HR department, since I am asked to act in the role of the Senior Emergency Officer. SU covered all the expenses that included training, travelling (airfares) and accommodation fees.

I learned a lot from the courses. Just to name a few, the training entailed various subjects like science of fire, fire safety, fire fighter personal protective equipment, ropes/knots/webbing, structural fires, vehicle extrication, fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire foam and mixing volumes’, technical ventilation processes, coordinating of fire ground operations, handling of various types of chemicals (ammonia, sulphuric acid, etc.) and ERG – Interpreting Emergency Response and the list goes on…