Pride of the SU Graduate Program - Iyaloo Eila Amadhila

Source: 2019-10-28

Pride of the SU Graduate Program - Iyaloo Eila Amadhila

“They say tough times never last, but tough people do” Eila, as her colleagues in the Mining Department fondly call her, narrates that her road to becoming a Mining Engineer was definitely not an easy one.  The many obstacles on her road to becoming a Mining Engineer did not deter her from her end-goal, from the outset she was determined to one day being a qualified Mining Engineer.

Iyaloo is employed as a Mining Engineer in the Drilling & Blasting Section in the Mining Department and credits her success to her mom whom she says is her role model - because she gave her and her siblings everything with so little.  When quizzed about what it’s like working in a male dominated industry, she highlighted that it was challenging at first but she has managed to find her feet and pointed out that as a woman she had to prove herself by working twice as hard.

I work with a dynamic Team and the environment is definitely a pleasant one to work in. I got to meet many different people from different backgrounds and even if we are so different in many ways we all come to work with the same goal; to make the Husab Mine world class - through the quality of service we give and that makes it all worth the while.

In 5-years’ time this strong and ambitious lady, sees herself as part of a fully-fledged SU team, in a leadership role one of her personal goals is to flourish into a woman other women especially young women can look up too.

Iyaloo, like many others is thankful to the Company for giving her an opportunity to enter the SU Graduate program, where she has gained a wealth of knowledge and has set her up for many successes in the near future.  She describes the SU Graduate Program as – Exciting and flexible as it allows you a chance to do different things and take initiative, you also get the choice of where you want to go, what more can you ask for? I have big appreciation for my Supervisors and Mentors.

The most exciting part of her job she says is that you need to think on your feet 24/7 and have your creative juices flowing all the time as the work requires an innovative input and solving unexpected issues when and if they arise.  Continuous improvement is key.

Iyaloo says, she could not have asked for any better and would this career again if she had to, she stresses the importance of finding a balance between work and one’s life -  This lady who hails from Ongwediva and graduated from the UNAM Ongwediva campus says she balance the two by not taking work home, if it means staying behind to finish work then so be it.

She unwinds by reading, writing and sleeping and she also enjoys an active social life.  “I go out with friends and I enjoy travelling.”