National Cleaning Campaign 2018

Source: 2019-10-28


Following the President’s call to Clean-up Namibia on 25 May, 2018, 57 Swakop Uranium employees from different departments took part in the initiative in partnership with the Arandis Town Council, Rossing Uranium and Arandis Community members. The SU team was headed by the SU Cultural group. The Employees that took part were divided into 5 groups which were each headed by a female.

Each group consisted of 10 members and they were each designated to an area of about 6 kilometres. The SU teams stood out in terms of visibility and identity. SU was well geared for SQE initiative and worked for half the day.

SU Cleaning Team posing for a picture

CEO collecting rubbish along the B2

SU collects the most waste

It was evident that SU collected the most waste as 2 SU LDVs drove 4 tons of waste away and another 6 tons were collected by Rent A Drum from the B2 road. The SU CEO Cai Yusheng, COO Angula Kalili and Dr. Schneider: Executive Director of Uranium Institute all took part in this campaign and did their fair share of cleaning. The COO also performed patrol duties by delivering water and refuse bags to the different cleaning zones. All sorts of litter was collected along the road such as bottles, rubber, fabric, paper, and cans.

Dina Namubes as the main organizer of the event and Chairperson of the Cultural group says “As a world class Uranium Mine, we maintained our company professionalism and identity at the ceremony on the road whilst cleaning. All the road users on that day hooted, waved and bowed their heads to SU.”

Interview with participants

When interviewed, Dr. Schneider that she is very proud to be associated with Swakop Uranium for its special way of doing things and is looking forward to the SU Annual Husab Marathon.

Aggie van Rooyen said “I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise, however, I was disgusted at the amount of litter we came across deeper into the desert, amongst the bushy area midway between the road and rail track, and I asked myself how that junk ended up so far out as nobody seems to be going off the road that far!”

Objectives that all SU employees must endeavour to do:

  • Ensure the environment is safe, clean and healthy
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Promote environmental awareness
  • Restore community pride
  • Promote local trade and tourism
  • Restore wildlife habitats
  • Engage communities in long term environmental initiatives
  • Eradicate diseases, such as cholera, typhoid which thrive in dirty environments