About SU Foundation

Source: 2019-10-28

The Swakop Uranium Foundation (SUF) was established in 2004. The main reason for the establishment of the Trust is to ensure sound governance which will ensure impartial treatment of all worthy causes by an external semi-independent board of Trustees in the allocation of CSI funding. The Trust is currently funded by SU.

Key areas of involvement that have been identified by SUF include 5 pillars:

The aim of the SUF is to: 

  • Contribute to social responsibility projects country wide on a sustainable basis.
  • Uplift the living standards of the poor and previously disadvantaged communities in the country through the funding of the self-help projects and programs.
  • Promote education upgrades and programs.
  • Promote SME development.
  • Promote sound environmental projects.
  • Promote the health and well-being of the Husab employees and families in liaison with the communities.

Criteria for selection of a project:

  • How sustainable is the project?
  • What is the potential project reach?
  • What are the cost implications?
  • What is the level of community involvement and ownership?
  • The organization should have a positive public image.
  • The project should bring lasting benefit to the targeted community.