Our Codes Of Conduct

For Staff

Disciplined, Diligent, Dedicated and Developed


?       Observe and adhere to company policies, procedures, and work instructions.

?       Observe and adhere to social and professional ethics, laws and regulations.

?       Fairly and consistently apply workplace discipline and be accountable for actions.


?       Take on more tasks.

?       Complete all assigned jobs on time.

?       Take time to ensure quality.


?       Do more than what is necessary, and go the extra mile.

?       Strive to complete tasks ahead of schedule.

?       Strive not to leave work over for the next person.


?       Be an expert in one's own area.

?       Be insightful beyond yourself.

?       Pursue target above material satisfaction.


For Management

Role model, Accountability, Business savvy, and Integrity

Role model

?       Management should lead by example in whatever their staff are required to do.

?       Face up to difficulties and challenges. Find fault on oneself first before ascribing it to subordinates or others in case of problems.


?       Take accountability for one's own decisions. Accept full responsibility for team's work outputs.

?       Admit mistakes and learn from them. Continuously enhancing professional expertise required for fulfilling duties.

?       Challenge higher performance standards that support business objectives.

Business savvy

?       Maintain market awareness, improve management skills, and attach importance to work quality and efficiency.

?       Stay close to the front-line operation to obtain full and true information, and make rational decisions based on objective facts and data.


?       Create a just, positive and consultative atmosphere, and be impartial and candid.

?       Exercise one’s authority selflessly, with the interest of the company at heart, be disciplined, and observe professional ethics.