Our Basic Principles

Our basic principles are:

Safety First, Quality Foremost, Pursuing Excellence

We consistently follow these basic principles as our criteria and rules for all production, operations and management activities.

Safety First

?       Safety underlies our survival and growth. We attach top priority to safety under all circumstances. We are against pursuing economic gains at the expense of safety. Safety includes that of people, production and environment.

?       Safety means the predictability and controllability of risks. We endeavour to manage all risk factors by pursuing safety and reliability of facilities, systems and procedures, and harmony of people.

Safety requires:

?       Responsibility - everyone is a line of defence to ensure safe behaviour and actions.

?       Implementation - prevention first, defence-in-depth, conservative decision-making, integrity and transparency.

?       Methodology - critical thinking, rigorous style and open communication.

?       Criteria - taking industries’ safety standards as baselines, and we strive to be industrial model of safety management.

Quality Foremost

?       Quality is fundamental to safety. No quality, no safety. Profit and progress are zero without safety and quality. Quality not only involves product but also relates to operations, management, organizational behaviour, human resources and services.

?       We ensure independent quality supervision with high standards and strict requirements. Each and every activity meets quality requirements so that no defect is made, delivered or hidden. There is no compromise on quality and all quality issues should be identified, analysed, addressed and feedbacked in a timely manner with zero tolerance for any cover-up.

Pursuing Excellence

?       Pursuing excellence is our innate strength. We aim at being the world’s best by upgrading safety and quality, and by maintaining stable growth of shareholder value by way of excellent teams, advanced management, self- evaluation and continuous improvement.

?       We constantly enhance professional skills and knowledge, and keep abreast of advanced technologies in the industry. We value experience feedback, identify and promote good practices, and achieve standardization, specialization and synergy.