1.   How do I get to work?

· SU provide bus transport to all employees from Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Arandis to Husab Mine.

2.  Where is Husab mine?

· Husab Mine is 60 km outside Swakopmund on B2 and situated within the Namib Naukluft National park.

3.   What opportunities are there for graduates?

· SU prides itself in having an accelerated well-structured graduate programme.  Opportunities exist for SU bursary holders to join the Graduate programmes after completion of their undergraduate studies.  From time to time graduates outside the SU bursary pool are given job opportunities as interns to gain practical experiences through small projects.

4.  How can I apply for an internship?

· SU has a Memorandum of Understanding with UNAM, NUST and National Vocational Training Centres for intake of internships during Jun-Jul and Dec-Jan annually.  This provides them with an opportunity to gain valuable work experimental learning.

5. What is the duration of the internships/work experiential learning?

· Tertiary student: 8 – 12 weeks

· Vocational students: 6 – 12 months depending on levels of qualification. 

6. What are the results of our internship programmes?

· At the end of the internship programme all students are expected to present a portfolio of evidence to management panel for review to ensure their course objectives have been achieved.  Their portfolios are signed off and submitted to their respective institutions. Having gained hands-on experience will allow these students an opportunity to return to SU either in further internships or to apply for jobs through formal recruitment process.