Our Brand Slogan

Our brand slogan is:

More than mining

SU is achieving much more than mining itself through efficient and responsible mining operation. The SU dream is to contribute to employee development, shareholder’s interest, community growth, and national development programmes. Based on this brand concept, we hereby put forward our brand slogan: More than mining, which is elaborated as follows:

We are at our best in developing the natural resource to further enhance and enrich people’s lifestyles and production. We focus on harnessing clean processes to deliver high quality product with reliable and proven technologies in conjunction with professional management, securing good environment for our society and for the generations to come.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff, the public and the environment. Furthermore, we care dearly about nature. We deliver value for customers, shareholders and partners while preserving the environment. Leading by example, we believe what we do for environment and safety will inspire others to do the same as well.