Our Vision

Our vision is:


To be a world-class Namibian uranium producer


We are aiming to build a world-class Namibian uranium company, with strong focus on sustainability, social responsibility, profitability, operational excellence, and human capital development.


A world-class uranium producer

Our aim is to improve cost-efficiencies, optimize technology, pursue performance excellence, and become an employer of choice, all in compliance with international standards and good practices of corporate governance.


Profitability, sustainability and social responsibility

To create value for stakeholders, invest and support the Namibian social development programmes and play an exemplary role in promoting industrial development, and to help build a harmonious society and pursue sustainable and coordinated development. To build and enhance community relations and public relations in general.


Performance excellence and human capital development

To align and execute our business strategy with diligence; to create a competitive advantage, to drive continuous improvement and to invest in improving the collective skills and knowledge of our human capital to create values for all stakeholders.